86182 Private John Ames – 46th Reinforcements  

The Ames family has a long connection to the Kapiti coast with James Ames sailing in the Cook Strait from 1839 and established whaling stations on Kapiti (1840) and Kaikoura (1843).[i] James and Mary Ann Ames had a large number of children including Joseph, James and Horace Ames.

Horace Ames married Ellen Louisa Hughes in 1875 and the couple had seven children; Maud Jannette (1876),
Horace (c1878), Ida Emma (1879), Alice Mary (1881), John (1882), Herbert (1884) and Percy (1888)[ii].

Horace Ames was the proprietor of a Hutt Valley hotel in the late 1870’s early 1880’s[iii] but by 1891 had moved out to Paekakariki wherein he was elected onto the school committee for ‘Paikakariki.’[iv]

Horace Ames (jnr) married Norma Bessie Bradey in 1906. The Bradey family have strong connections to the Pauatahanui District and the couple moved to Plimmerton where their first child Noel Alfred Ames was born in 1907. Horace (jnr) was joined in Plimmerton by his father, mother and younger brother John.

Horace and Ellen Louisa Ames made their home in Essex Street, Plimmerton (now part of SH1).

John Ames was born on the 1st April 1882 the fifth child of Horace (snr) and Ellen Louisa Ames.

John Ames married on the 17th July 1907 Elizabeth Mary Taylor and the couple were living in Plimmerton in 1913 where John was listed as a sheep farmer. The couple had a son Jack Edward Ames who was born on the 24th February 1916[v].

John was selected in the 1918 military ballot and entered Trentham military camp on the 14th August 1918 with the 45th Reinforcements. The thirty-six year old is listed as a married man with one child and working as a self employed contractor. John’s wife Elizabeth is listed as next of kin and moved to live with her sister Mrs Emily Tinney in Wadestown, Wellington.

86184 Private Ames was transferred to the 46th Reinforcements but was still undergoing basic training when the Armistice was signed on the 11th November 1918. Private Ames was placed on leave without pay on the 21st November 1918.
86182 Private John Ames was finally discharged on the 3rd March 1919.

The Ames family returned to lived in Plimmerton in December 1918 living in Exeter Street with John’s father and on his death continued to live in the family home. In February 1942 the death of Elizabeth Mary Ames, Exeter Street, Plimmerton was reported in Evening Post.[vi]

John Ames died on the 24th June 1959.

Herbert Ames served in WW1
John (Jack) Edward Ames served in WW2 enrolled at Plimmerton School in 1915 along with cousins Noel and Norma.

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Trentham Reinforcement Camp 1915 - private collection

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Trentham Camp 1915