71168 Rifleman Lewis Percival Auty – New Zealand Rifle Brigade
Robert Richard Auty was born in Stepney, London in 1864 the son of Robert Edward and Sarah Auty.[i]
Robert Richard Auty immigrated to New Zealand in 1870/1880’s and married on 22 August 1888 May Victoria Tuckwell,[ii]  the daughter of a Wellington storekeeper.
In 1889 Robert and May were living in Christchurch where Robert rowed for the Lyttelton Rowing Club[iii] and was also a member of the Lyttelton Garrison Band.[iv]
Robert and May’s eldest son Robert George Auty was born in 1889 in Lyttelton as were Louis Percival on the 18th August 1891 and Ina May Auty (1894).
Robert and May moved from Lyttelton as their third son was born in Auckland in 1897 and their youngest daughter
Violet was born, possibly in Porirua, January 1898. Both Lewis and his older brother Robert are registered in the Porirua School class of 1898.[v]
Richard and May by 1899 had purchased a well established general store in Porirua with Richard being listed in the 21 November 1899 Evening Post as the Evening Post agent for Porirua.[vi]
R R Auty Post Office & General Store c1900
Richard died, in 1903, of injuries caused as the result
of falling from the Manawatu & Wellington Railway
train between Johnsonville and Tawa. May continued
to run the store and the Post Office agency until 1912
when the New Zealand Post Office opened its new
Post Office. M V Auty is listed in Government Estimate
to receive a retirement payment, as non permanent
staff, from the New Zealand Post Office[vii].
By 1916 May Victoria had moved to live in Wellington and may have sold or leased the shop. It was in at the Wellington address May would have learnt of her eldest son Robert’s death on the Western Front. It was also the address her second son used when enlisting in 1917.
71168 Private Lewis Percival Auty – 36th Reinforcements.
Lewis Percival Auty was a 26-year-old self employed painter when he entered camp on the 14th November 1917. After
basic training 71168 Private Auty departed on the 23rd April 1918 with the 36th Reinforcement.[viii]
The 36th Reinforcements first went to Egypt before
transhipping to England. Private Auty arrived in England in July 1918 and was allocated to the New Zealand Rifle Brigade as 71168 Rifleman Auty.
Rifleman Auty reached France in September 1918 where he joined B Company, 1st Battalion, 3rd New Zealand Rifle
Rifleman Auty, following the 11 November 1918 Armistice, remained in France awaiting return to England for repatriation. In March 1919 just prior to being returned to Sling Camp, England Private Auty was granted leave in Armentiers,[ix] it is possible that this was to enable him to visit the grave of his brother Robert who had been killed in 1916.
Lewis Auty returned to New Zealand in August 1919 and on 23rd September 1919 was ‘discharged on the termination of
his period of engagement.’
Lewis Percival Auty never married and died in Levin in 1968.
Ina May Auty, Lewis’s sister, in 1922 married Francis James McCormick, a returned WW1 veteran. Ina is recorded as dying in Porirua in 1975.
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