1314 Private Harold George Beaumont (Australian Imperial Forces  AIF)

Harold George Beaumont was born in Palmerston North[i] on the 21st September 1893 the youngest of four sons in a family of six born to Frederick and Mary Bain Lamont Beaumont.[ii]

The Beaumont family moved to Porirua in 1897 as Harold’s younger brother Sydney was registered at Porirua School in 1898 with Harold registered in 1900.[iii]

Harold’s older brother, Charles Frederick Beaumont, enlisted in August 1914[iv] in the main body of the New Zealand Expeditionary Forces so it is not known why Harold also did not enlist in New Zealand. It is possible that the quota was
full, he failed the very strict medical examinations in force at the time or that he was already in Australia.

Harold George Beaumont enlisted on the 17th November 1914 in the 2nd Reinforcements, 13th Infantry Battalion, Australian Imperial Forces. The records show that he was a single labourer and his next of kin listed is his father
F Beaumont, Poireia (Porirua - Ed).[v]

1314 Private Beaumont landed with the AIF at Gallipoli on 25th April 1915 and was subsequently reported missing.
An Australian court of enquiry on 6th April 1916 determined that he had been killed in action on the 28th April 1915.
The date 28th April 1915 is used by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission as the official date of death.

The confused nature of fighting in the first months of Gallipoli can be read in the files from the Australian Red Cross as
they tried to trace wounded and missing men through 1914 – 1919. 1341 Private Beaumont was reported by various
men as being killed soon after the landings to as late as August 1915 and in various locations, on the beach, in Monash Gulley or at Quinn’s Post. The men all were interviewed in late 1915 to 1916 while in hospitals recovering from the
Gallipoli campaign. One of the earliest reports on the 25th November 1915 seems to have been given the most weighting,
Informant was told by one of Beaumont’s mates the Beaumont had been missing since Tuesday following the landings.

'He went down to the beach for something and had not been
seen since.'
                                                                                Private A R Hall 1352
                                                                                13th AIF
                                                                                Sporting Club Hospital

The Evening Post on 13th May 1916 carried the following notification

On the 2nd December 1919[vi] the Evening Post carried a report on the
final reception of Porirua servicemen returning from World War One,
part of the report noted:

                                ‘The Rev Mr Earwalker presided and made a feeling
                                reference to the school boys of Porirua who had lost
                                their lives. The names of the fallen were, H Beaumont
                                R Auty, T Dent, J Smith, C Chapman, J Wi Neera and
                                P Crowe. As a mark of respect “The Last Post” was

1342 Private Harold George Beaumont has no known grave but is remembered on the Lone Pine Memorial, Gallipoli
and on the Porirua School Roll of Honour[vii] and on the Porirua City Roll of Honour.

Charles Frederick Beaumont, Harold's brother also served at Gallipoli, with the New Zealand Expeditionary Forces and was invalided
back to New Zealand.

Australian Red Cross Society Wounded & Missing Enquiry Bureau Files 1914- 1918 War - 1DRL/0428
AIF Project 1314 Private Harold George Beaumont
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Porirua School Jubilee 1872 – 1947

Background Postcard ANZAC Landings 1915 – private collection

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