2nd Anglo - Boer War 1899 -1902
New Zealand sent 10 contingents of Mounted Rifles (NZMR) to serve in the Boer War. The men from the wide Porirua District are listed below click on the link to see the story of each serviceman. 
    BOULD (Chas) Charles  William Hensman  -  Johnsonville
    BROWN (Joe) Joseph William   - Tawa Flat 
    World War One
    COOK (Alf) Alfred  - Pauatahanui 
    World War Two
    CORLET George Valetine  -  Johnsonville 
    CUMINGS John Nathaniel   -  Tawa Flat 
    GESTRO (Joe) Joseph Louis  -  Paremata 
    GESTRO (Lou) Leonard Louis   - Paremata 
    HUME William Park  -  Johnsonville
    KILMISTER Robert Winford  -  Pautahanui 
    MORGAN Albert  -  Tawa Flat 
    MORGAN David Gibson  -  Tawa Flat 
    MORGAN Edward Stanley  -  Tawa Flat 
    MORGAN Henry  - Tawa Flat 
    NEWMAN Charles  -  Tawa Flat
    RETTER Darcy Harold  -  Johnsonville
    RETTER (Claude) Hector Claude  -  Johnsonville 
    RETTER Leonard Greenwood  -  Johnsonbille
    ROBERTSON Charles   -  Johnsonville 
    ROBINSON John   -  Johnsonville 
    RYAN Denis Joseph  -  Tawa Flat
    RYAN Thomas   -  Tawa Flat
    SIEVERS Arthur William - Makara
    SIEVERS George Frederick  -  Makara 
    STUART Charles  -  Pautahanui 
    STYLES George  -  Pauatahanui 
    WALSH Lawrence  -  Tawa Flat 
Men of the 1st Contingent New Zealand Mounted Rifles  in the field at Bloemfonein    ( 1900 )