27843 Private Alfred James Bradey - Canterbury Infantry Regiment 

Frederick Bradey was the original settler, purchasing land in the Duck Creek area of what is now Whitby in the early
1840’s. Frederick and his wife, Keturah (Agnes) had a large family with five sons; Alfred, Charles, Edward, Frederick and William and four daughters. The sons were well know in the Pauatahanui as part of the Pauatahanui Brass Band and
as the Bradey Brothers orchestra.[i]

The five Bradey brothers formed a partnership in 1905 and increased the size of the of the farm and in 1913 they divided up the land into five shares so that with the original homestead, four new Bradey homes were set up.

Alfred James Bradey was the oldest son, born in 1856, he married Elizabeth Prosser in 1880. The Prosser family farmed 'over the hill' in what is now Porirua East. Elizabeth and Alfred James Bradey had five children three daughters and two sons.

Alfred James Bradey was born in Pauatahanui on the 19th March 1889, the fourth child and first son to the couple. Alfred attended Pauatahanui School along with his siblings and also his cousins[ii].

Alfred James Bradey was a 27 year old single man working as a farmer on his father’s farm when he enlisted in the army. Alfred entered Trentham Camp as 27843 Private Alfred James Bradey, F company, 18th Reinforcements and after basic training left New Zealand on, 13th November 1916, as 27843 Private Bradey, F Company, 13th Reinforcements, 2nd Battalion, New Zealand Rifle Brigade[iii].

On arrival in England Private Bradey was allocated to the 13th Company, 3rd Battlion, Canterbury Infantry and following more intensive training proceeded, in May 1917, to France. In July 1917 the Canterbury Regiment was committed as part
of the New Zealand Division to the Battle of Messines and then the Battle of Passchedaele.  Private Bradey was sent to a School of Instructions, in France, in December 1917. In February 1918 Private Bradey was evacuated to England sick with the flu remaining in England for two weeks. In March 1918 he was granted on two weeks UK leave before rejoining his
unit which was then engaged in the battles to stop the German Spring offensive.

The last major allied offensive started on the 8th August 1918 where German forces were rolled back 8 kilometers on the first day. The advance had slowed down by the 12th August as German resistance stiffened. To keep the momentum up
it was determined that the 3rd Army would put pressure on the German lines at another point.

The New Zealand Division joined other elements of the 3rd Army in a 21st August 1918 assault towards Baupame. The NZ Division’s role was relatively minor prior to the 24th August 1918 Second Battle of Baupme. While it may have been a
minor role and there were casualties one of these was Private Bradey.

Private Bradey suffered a gunshot wound to the right arm he was moved first to a Casualty Clearing Station (CCS) assessed and sent to the No 1 South African General Hospital, Abbeville, France. Private Bradey remained at the No 1 SA Hospital
for two weeks before being evacuated to England. Private Bradey was admitted to the No2 NZ General Hospital, Walton
on Thames on the 6th September 1918. At Walton-on-Thames Private Bradey's right arm was amputated and he becan a period of rehabitation and the fitting of an articial limb. 

Private Bradey remained in England for training on the use of the limb and continuing treatment to the wound, not
leaving England until September 1919.

After arrival in New Zealand on 19th October 1919 he was ‘discharged as no longer fit for war service on account of
wounds received in action.’[iv]

Albert returned to Pauatahanui and farming, he never married and died, on 27 June 1983, in Silverstream, Upper Hutt.

Albert's younger brother Philip James Bradey following his 20th brithday, was selected in the Military Ballot but there are no records of
him entering camp.
Albert's cousin Eric Stewart Bradey served in the New Zealand Rifle Brigade / Wellington Infantry during WW1.

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