38587 Sister Hazel Urba Bramwell - New Zealand Army Nursing Service

Hazel Urba Bramwell was born in Fielding on the 5th July 1908 the only daughter of Ubra Ann and Watson Featherston Bramwell. Hazel grew up in Fielding with five older and one younger brother.[i]

Her father Watson was a partner in the well established Fielding hardware shop Bramwell Brothers.

Like many families from the Manawatu area the Bramwell family owned a holiday home in Plimmerton and came down
to the seaside during the holidays. Hazel was enrolled at Plimmerton school in 1918 possibly as one of the ‘holiday children.’ These were children that attended Plimmerton School at the start of the year but moved back to their regular family at the end of the holidays.[ii]

In 1918 Hazel’s elder brother Oswald George Bramwell was serving with the New Zealand Medical Corps and Leslie James Bramwell was conscripted into the New Zealand Field Artillery but did not see overseas service.

The Bramwell family continued to come to Plimmerton for their holidays after the war with Hazel’s youngest brother
Neville Frank Bramwell being enrolled at the local school in 1920.

Watson Featherston Bramwell died in Plimmerton on the 3rd August 1922, the newspaper reported that he had been unwell for some time and was preparing to return from holiday.[iii] It is probable at this stage that the family moved to
live in Plimmerton permanently.

In 1932 Hazel began training as a nurse in Palmerston North and in 1941 she enlisted
in the New Zealand Army Nursing Service of the Second Expeditionary Force
(2nd NZEF). Staff Nurse Bramwell gave her enlistment address as Exeter Street,
Plimmerton and her next of kin as her mother[iv]. Sister Bramwell saw service in
Egypt, Tunisia, Syria and Italy before returning to New Zealand at the end of her

                                                                                          Sister Hazel Urba Bramwell                     

Hazel Urba Bramwell returned to live in Exeter Street, Plimmerton and nursed her
mother until ‘Ann’s’  death in 1947.

Hazel remained in Plimmerton until 1951 when she married Barney Quill and the
couple moved out of the district.

Hazel Urba Quill died in Auckland in 1998.

Hazel’s brothers served in both WW1 and WW2.
3/1749 Staff Sergeant Oswald George Bramwell – New Zealand Medical Corps (WW1)
81204 Gunner Leslie James Bramwell – New Zealand Field Artillery (WW1)
2nd Lt Leslie James Bramwell DCM (WW2)
1012 Sergeant Neville Frank Bramwell (WW2)
62490 Private Harold Joseph Bramwell DCM

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Plimmerton School and its environment 

Sister Hazel Urba Bramwell – Auckland Museum
Exeter Street, Plimmerton: Private postcard

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