50572 Driver Thomas Lonsdale Bullick – NZ Army Service Corps

Thomas Lonsdale Bullick was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland on the 18th May 1891 the son of Annie Elizabeth and
Ralph Bullick[i].

Raised in Belfast Thomas came out to New Zealand in 1914, as did a large number of single men from England, Ireland
and Scotland for work. Thomas’s trade was Ironmonger but he is listed as an attendant, Porirua Mental Hospital when
he was selected in the sixth ballot, in April 1917, for compulsory military service[ii]. Thomas gave a friend, Miss Mary Ford
of the Porirua Hospital staff as his next of kin.

On 16th April 1917 Thomas entered military training camp and was given a medical examination he was classified as
C2 because ongoing asthma. C2 meant that Thomas was permanently unfit for active service but fit for service in
New Zealand. Possibly because of his Ironmongery background he entered camp as 50572 Driver Bullick  PE ASC.

Driver Bullick’s service record simply notes that he served up to 13th May 1919 when he was put on leave without pay
prior to demobilisation.

Thomas returned to civilian life on 16th December 1920 Thomas married Isabel Louisa Gillespie the couple made their home  in Wellington and had two children Ralph and Dorothy Helen.

Thomas Lonsdale Bullick died on 3rd January 1964

Archway Archives New Zealand Military Files
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NZ ASC supply dump in France: RSA collection National Library

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ASC Supply Dump France 1917