29 Sergeant Alfred Daniel Cole – New Zealand Military Police

Alfred Daniel Cole was born on the 11th December 1864 in Barnett, London, England.[i]

Alfred came out to New Zealand in the 1880’s as he married in 1885 Sarah Harvey in Christchurch. [ii] The couples sons Alfred Charles Cole (1887) and John Herbert Coles (1890) were born in Canterbury area as Alfred Daniel Cole is named  as ranger for the North Canterbury Acclimatisation Society in 1890.[iii]

The couple moved north to Porirua in 1893/1894 possibly to take up a role at the Porirua Mental hospital as their eldest son  (Charles) Alfred Charles Cole was enrolled at Porirua School. The younger son (Herbert) John Herbert Cole was
enrolled the next year 1895 when he turned five.[iv]

Alfred was appointed a Ranger in the Wellington Acclimatisation Society in 1901 and a Justice of the Peace in 1908.[v]

Alfred Daniel Coles is listed in the 1913 New Zealand Post Office Directory as a Poultry Farmer of Porirua.

On the 24th February 1917 Alfred Daniel Cole enlisted in the New Zealand Expeditionary Force (NZEF) the 52 year old
was passed as medically fit for service in New Zealand. The enlistment papers note that Alfred was employed as a farmer by the New Zealand Government, possibly at Porirua Mental Hospital.  Alfred lists his wife Sarah Coles of Porirua and son Alfred Charles  Coles a storekeeper of Porirua as his next of kin.[vi]

29 Lance Corporal Cole was appointed to the New Zealand Military Police possibly because of his work as a ranger and
the fact that he was a JP. Lance Corporal Cole was promoted to Corporal Cole in June 1917 and Sergeant Cole in November 1917.

Sergeant Cole was based in Wellington and is noted as a witness in a court martial in 1918 and another case of a missing, presumed drowned soldier being transported to a mental institute.

Sergeant Cole was discharged for the NZ Military Police on the 20th May 1919 returning to civilian life at Porirua.

Alfred Daniel Cole died in Porirua on the 1st April 1921 and is buried in the Porirua Cemetery.[vii]

John Herbert Cole the youngest son served as 25471 Private John Herbert Cole, Wellington Infantry Regiment and was serving overseas when his father enlisted.  

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Archway Archives New Zealand Military Files: 29 Sergeant Alfred Daniel Cole

Porirua Centre with the Mental Hospital on the hill to the right: Alexander Turnbull Library. 

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Porirua Town Centre  -  c1920