68154 Private Thomas Peter Cosgrove - Canterbury Infantry Regiment

Thomas Peter Cosgrave was born in Napier on the 29th April 1892 the second of three sons born to Catherine and
James Cosgrove[i] .

Thomas was raised in Napier and was working as an engineer with J Edmunson, Munro Street, Napier when he was selected in the 1917 military ballot. The initial medical inspection classified Thomas C1 noting that he ‘needed building up.’ The C1 classification indicated he was only suitable for service within New Zealand[ii] .

68154 Private Thomas Peter Cosgrove entered military training on the 24th October 1917 his military files list his next of

kin as his sister-in-law, Mrs C E Cosgrove of Pukerua Bay. Catherina Elizabeth Cosgrove was the wife of Thomas’ older brother Charles Phillip Cosgrove who was already serving in the NZEF.

68154 Private Cosgrove initially entered camp on the 24th October 1917 as part of B Coy C1, but while in camp underwent a second military medical. This medical noted that he had DAH (Disordered actions of the Heart) but considered that he was Fit A so he was reassigned to C Company 37th Reinforcements.

On the 9th May 1918 Private Thomas Peter Cosgrove, C Company, 37th Reinforcements, NZEF left New Zealand for overseas service. Private Cosgrove arrived at the Sling Military Camp in June 1918 and following training was sent to

France in September 1918. Private Cosgrove was attached to 1st Company, 2nd Battalion, Canterbury Infantry Regiment
on the 23rd September 1918. At this stage of the war the NZ Division was taking part in the 100 Day Offensive pushing German forces back toward the Belgium - German border. The Armistice was signed on the 11th November 1918 ending
the war but the New Zealand Division supplied men for the Army of Occupation. Private Cosgrove was one of the men
sent to Germany, stationed in Cologne, as he was one of the more recent enlistments he did not leave Germany until
March 1919.

Private Cosgrove returned to England in March 1919 and left for New Zealand in June 1919. On the 23rd September 1919 68154 Private Thomas Peter Cosgrove was discharge from the NZEF ‘on the termination of his period of engagement.’

Thomas Cosgrove returned to Napier and engineering, he married Grace Gwendolyn Thomas in 1924.

Thomas Peter Cosgrove served in WWII as 2/20/133 Private Cosgrove National Military Reserve and then Home Guard.

Thomas Peter Cosgrove died in Napier on the 9th November 1951[iii] .

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Archway Archives New Zealand Military Files: 68154 Private Thomas Peter Cosgrove

NZ Troops crossing Hohenzollern Bridge, Cologne 1919: RSA Collection. 

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Harold comes to camp 1917 Nelson's 29th Reinforcements