3/2131 Private Arthur Daily – New Zealand Medical Corps
Arthur Daily was born in Kirkcaldy, Scotland on the 31st December 1887. Arthur came out to New Zealand, possibly with his married sister and her family.[i]
In 1913 Arthur Daily was working at the Porirua Mental Hospital and also played in the Hospital Football (Association) team that won the 1913 Challenge Cup. Arthur also represented Wellington in 1913 and 1914 in the Senior Men’s Association Football team.[ii]
     Porirua Hospital team 1913 winners of the Challenge Cup (seven of the team served in World War One
On the 20th November 1915 Arthur Daily and George Pearce[iii] both volunteered for service in the Ambulance Service
of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force.[iv] Arthur’s files note his sister as his next of kin, that he was single and an engineer working at Porirua Hospital.
Arthur Daily entered camp on 7th January 1916 and remained in New Zealand until May 1916. 3/2131 Private Daily then sailed for overseas service as a member of the 12th Reinforcements, No1 Field Ambulance. Private Daily arrived, via
Egypt, in August 1916 when he entered Sling Camp.
Private Daily only remained in England for a month as he was assigned, as an orderly, on the New Zealand Hospital Ship Maheno. The HMNZHS Maheno was returning to New Zealand with sick and wounded and arrived in December 1916. At this stage Private Daily was transferred to work at the Porirua Mental Hospital.[v]
It was while working at Porirua that Arthur married, on the 30th June 1917, Elizabeth Simpson Hardie.[vi] Elizabeth was also from Scotland and was working at Porirua, as she is listed at Porirua Hospital in March 1917 as the Next of Kin for her brother 50438 Rifleman Thomas Hardie.
Arthur and Elizabeth had a daughter Elizabeth Simpson Hardie Daily on Christmas Day, 1917. A son David Daily is also registered in 1917 but was born in 1910 and may have been a formal adoption of a stepson.[vii]
In October 1917 Arthur was placed in the Reserves of the New Zealand Medical Corp and on the 23rd January 1918 was shipped as a member of the 3rd Charter of the HMNZHS Marama sailing for England. The Marama returned to New Zealand in May 1918.
                                          HMNZHS Marama off Sinclair Heads, Wellington c1915
3/2131 Private Arthur Daily again returned to work at Porirua Mental Hospital and was finally discharged from the NZEF on the 9th February 1919 ‘on termination of his period of engagement.’[viii]
Arthur Daily died in 1965 with Elizabeth dying in 1975.[ix]
Arthur is listed in official documents as Daily but he is listed in ‘Mental about Wests’ as Daley and also Daly.
Mental about West – 100 years of Fame, Fortune Drama Despair: Western Suburbs Soccer Club
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Porirura Hospital team winners of 1913 Challenge Cup – Pataka Museum Porirua
Arthur Daily (Cropped from 1913 Challenge Cup photo)
HMNZHS Marama off Sinclair Heads, Wellington – Frank Barnes: www,nzmuseums.co.nz
Background HMNZHS Maheno arriving in Wellington December 1915 - Roger Morris www.seapainter.com
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