86519 Private William Patrick Laurence Dale – 46th Reinforcements

William Patrick Laurence Dale was born in Porirua[i] on the 28th June 1898 the second of seven children of William
and Sarah (nee Carroll)[ii].

It is probable that the Dale family moved into the Porirua area for work at Porirua Hospital or on the NZ Railway.

Lillian the eldest daughter started at Porirua School in 1902 with her siblings William (1903), John (1905), Alfred (1906)
and Annie (1908). The family must have moved out of the area when William was 11 or 12 as the two youngest Dale children, Bertie and Madge Genevieve Dales are not listed as attending the school[iii].

On the 28th June 1918 the now 20 year old William became eligible for the military ballot and was picked in the 1918 selections. William Patrick Dale was employed by the New Zealand Government as a ploughman working on the
CDF Farms, Levin. William’s next of kin is listed as his father Mr Wm Dale, Palmerston North.

86519 Private William Patrick Dale entered military camp with the 45th Reinforcements on the 14th August 1918.
Private Dale was transferred to C Company, 46th Reinforcements on the 19th September 1918. The war in Europe was coming to an end so on the 28th November 1918 Private Dale was sent on Leave without Pay until further orders on demobilisation[iv].

William Patrick Dale Laurence returned to farming.

William Patrick Laurence Dale died in 1977

W Dale is remembered on the Porirua School Roll of Honour.  

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Porirua Village c 1900 
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Porirua Village c 1900