11/989 Trooper Edgar Stanley Doddington – Wellington Mounted Rifles

Edgar Stanley Doddington was born in Greenwich, London on the 6th November 1890.[i] It is possible that he came
out to New Zealand as a young man to live with his older married sister.

On the 15th December 1914 Edgar Stanley Doddington enlisted in the Wellington Mounted Rifles. The 24 year old was
living in Palmerston North with his married sister Mrs Ada Currie who he listed as his next of kin. Edgar was working as
a waiter at the Club Hotel, Palmerston North.

Following basic training on the (date) 11/989 Trooper Doddington left New Zealand on the 14th February 1915 as part of the 3rd Reinforcements, Wellington Mounted Rifles.[ii] The Reinforcements arrived in Egypt on the 26th March 1915. Trooper Doddington’s military records simply note that he was attached to the Wellington Mounted Rifles Head Quarters, Cairo.

On the 25th January 1916 Trooper Doddington was posted to the Canal, Kantara and he on the 5th May 1916 was
bought up, and convicted on a charge of making a false statement in that when asked by L/Corporal May MPF
(Military Police Force) his name and number gave 7/900 Trooper E S Brown. 7/900  Trooper Patrick Sullivan,
Canterbury Mounted Rifles had been killed in action in the Dardanelles in August 1915. Trooper Doddington was given
three  days Field Punishment No 2.

On the 20th October 1916 Trooper Doddington was admitted to the 31st General Hospital later to the Military Infections Hospital when Enteric Fever was diagnosed. It was not until January 1917 that Trooper Doddington was considered fit enough again for active service. However Trooper Doddington was readmitted to hospital in June 1917 this time with
ear issues – Otitis Media – inflammation of the middle ear. A remark of deafness has been added to Trooper Doddington’s file. In July 1917 Trooper Doddington was diagnosed at no longer fit for active service and arrangements were made for
him to return to New Zealand.

On the 22nd October 1917 Trooper Doddington is listed as one of returning soldiers in drafts 120 and 121 arriving at Lyttelton, Christchurch.[iii] On the 18th January 1918 Trooper Doddington was discharged from the NZEF
‘no longer physically fit for service, pre-enlistment aggravated by active service – Otitis Media’. Eric Stanley Doddington listed his address as c/- Attendant Porirua Mental Hospital, Porirua.[iv]

Eric Doddington made his home in Porirua, he married in 1919, Kathleen Alexander Porter. The couple had two children Marjorie Dawn (1921) and William Alexander Doddington (1930), both the children attended Porirua School.

Eric was prominent in Porirua society being active in the Porirua School Committee, Porirua Ratepayers and Progressive Association, Porirua Returned Soldiers Association and the Porirua Red Cross.

Eric and Kathleen were living in Princess Street, Porirua in April 1945 when their only daughter Marjorie married, in Australia, William Sydney Bradley a returned RAN Veteran.

Following Eric’s retirement the couple moved to Levin where Eric died in 1969, Kathleen in 1971.

In 1943 Marjorie Dawn Doddington was engaged to Sergeant Temple Orvel Merchant United States Marine Corps (USMC). Elements of the USMC were based in the Porirua District training prior to being deployed in the Pacific Theatre[v].
Ada Currie’s son James Currie enlisted on the 11th August 1914 as 2/126 Driver Currie NZFA, it is possible he did not give his correct date of birth.

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