Lieutenant Commander Albert Henry Edginton - Royal New Zealand Naval Reserve

Albert Henry Edginton was born in Levin on 13 January 1919, the son of Alfred James and Rhyna Gertrude Edginton.[i] In 1925 Alfred James Edginton was the local Plimmerton hairdresser with a shop on Steyne Avenue, the Edginton family
living in a house behind the shop.[ii]  In 1925 Albert and his sister Florence started at Plimmerton School where Albert excelled, winning the Committee Cup in 1929 and was Dux of the school in 1932.[iii]

Albert also joined the Plimmerton Boating Club where
he had success in the Cornwall Cup.

Smile of Victory - winners of the 1938 Cornwall Cup
A D Barron (left and ) A H Edginton (right)

(Deryx Barron would be killed in action when the HMS Neptune was 
sunk off North Africa in 1942.)

After leaving school Albert joined the Social Service
Department as a clerk. In June 1939 The Director of the
Social Security Department provided Albert a character
reference when he volunteered for the New Zealand
Division of the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve.[iv]

On 4 March 1940 Albert Henry Edginton was called up
for navy service entering the Royal New Zealand Volunteer
Reserve signing on for a four year engagement, as
C/JX 247482 Ordinary Seaman Edginton.

Basic training was in Auckland and Albert was promoted to Able Bodied (AB) Seaman in 16 June 1940. It would be in Navy Uniform that AB Edginton attended the second Social Service Department’s annual ball on 2 July 1940 which was also attended by Albert’s future wife Noel Paulin.[v]

AB Edginton was sent to The United kingdom in September1940 when, after additional training at HMS Ganges and Pembroke, was posted to HMS Liddesdale, a Hunt Class Close Escort destroyer. This was in February 1941. The Hunt class were all named after Scottish hunts. The HMS Liddesdale was engaged in convoy defense in the North Seas and
North West Approaches to the UK preventing U-Boat attacks. AB Edginton remained with HMS Liddesdale until August
1941 before returning for further training at UK based shore training facilities where in November 1941 he was promoted to Temporary Sub Lieutenant. The ‘temporary’ rank reflected that it was for the duration of the war rather than a permanent naval rank.  

Albert Edginton had maintained contact with Noel Paulin and while in he was still in England, an engagement notice appears in Wellington’s Evening Post announcing the engagement of Noel and Albert. [vi]

1942 Identity Card issued to Temperoray Sub-Lieutenant Edgington

In February 1942, Temporary Sub-Lieutenant Edginton was posted to HMS Oakley, a newly commissioned Hunt II Class Close Escort destroyer. This would be Sub Lieutenant Edginton’s home for nearly two years. [vii]

In 1942 HMS Oakley was based in the north of Scotland providing convoy escort in the North West Approaches as well as transits of ships up to and from Iceland where the Russian Convoys were being dispatched with urgent supplies for the USSR.[viii]

In January 1943 the HMS Oakley was attached to escort duty in the Mediterranean.  After the second Battle of El Alemein in August 1942, General Rommel’s forces had been forced back into Tunisia. The HMS Oakley and other naval forces combined
with air operations conducted operations to prevent these Axis forces being resupplied or evacuated.  The Italian and German forces remained in Tunisia and finally surrendered in May 1943, and Allied attention turned to Sicily. HMS Oakley was attached as escort to the convoys now coming from North Africa in Operation Husky, the invasion of Sicily. HMS Oakley escorted the convoy to the beachhead and was involved in shelling enemy positions in support of the landings in July 1943. On 1 September 1943 Temporary Sub-Lieutenant Edginton was promoted to Temporary Lieutenant. [ix]
HMS Oakley continued with her duties of convoy escort and anti-submarine duties through to August 1944 when Temporary Lieutenant Edginton left the ship.

HMS Oakley 

He was granted Foreign Service Leave at the
end of his initial engagement enabling him to
return to New Zealand. 

On 16 November 1944 Albert Henry Edginton
married Noel Paulin at St Andrew’s Church,

Temporary Lieutenant Edginton remained in New Zealand until February 1945 when he returned to England for ongoing training. Edginton returned to New Zealand October 1945 but with the end of the war was declared surplus to requirements on 4 December 1945. He was demobilised 30 January 1946 and returned to civilian life [xi]

For his war service Albert Henry Edginton was awarded the following,

  1939-45 Star
            Atlantic Star
            Arctic Star
            Africa Star with Clasp 
            Italy Star
            Defense Medal
            War Medal
            NZ War Service Medal

Albert Henry Edginton did return to a naval career. He was commissioned as a Lieutenant on 4 September 1947, in a permanent position in the Wellington Division of the Royal New Zealand Naval Volunteer Reserve. Based at HMNZS Oliphant, he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander on 1 September 1952 and Executive Officer of the Division on 31 January 1961.[xii]

On 5 December 1962 after 15 years of service, Lieutenant Commander Edginton was awarded the Volunteer Reserve Decoration (VRD). In 1965 and in accordance with Naval Regulations, Lieutenant Commander Edginton was placed on the retired list.[xiii]

The 1965 Queen’s Birthday Honours lists Lieutenant Commander A H Edington VRD RNZVNVR (Rtd) as receiving the MBE (Military Division).[xiv]

Lieutenant Commander A H Edginton ‘crossed the bar’ in 2005.[xv]

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