Jesse Fisher – Pauatahanui

Jesse Fisher was born 8th February 1867 the youngest son Elizabeth and Cornelius Fisher[i].

Jesse Fisher married Grace Johnson in 1892 and the couple had two children Grace May, 4th July 1896 and
Roy, 10th April 1906 who sadly died one day later.

On 17th November 1917 the Hutt Valley Independent listed men from the Horokiwi Riding selected in the compulsory military ballot: Fisher J – Pahautanui, Iggulden T E – Pahauatanui, Scott J C – Pukerua Bay, Jones C – Pahauatanui and
Jones S G - Pahautanui. The item identified the two Jones’ as first division men who had just come of military age while the first three were second division men. The second division were normally older married men who had been exempt from service up until this stage in the war.

On 12th December 1917 report on appeals against military service[ii]:

Jesse Fisher, labourer, Porirua, forwarded a certificate to the effect he was over age.
The case was adjourned to allow a personal appearance by Fisher.

On 29th Janaury 1918[iii]:

The appeal of Jesse Fisher, labourer, Porirua was dismissed, owing to his non-appearance.

Finally 30th January 1918[iv]:

Jesse Fisher (labourer, Porirua) produced a certificate showing he was 50 years of age.
His appeal was allowed.

From Pauatahanui – A local history[v]:

In the 1930’s Jesse Fisher lived in the orchard behind Taylor Stace Cottage.
His dwelling was really just a shack  made of old sheets of iron and packing
cases. The doorway was boarded up, and the only way to get in was to
crawl through a 44 gallon drum, which had a sack draped over one end to
stop the draught. In the winter, Jesse  had a huge open fire in a corrugated
– iron chimney place.
Jesse, apparently, was an alcoholic but he was harmless. Generally people
liked him and gave him simple labouring jobs, but they did not let him
inside their houses because they thought he was dirty. He had a little
fox terrier which he loved . . . .

Jesse Fisher died in 1942.

Historic spelling of Pahautanui is used from documents.

Paperspast Online
Pauatahanui – A local history: Helen Reilly

Pauatahanui Village Hall and bridge c1920: Alexander Turnbull 
Jesse and his dog 

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Pauatahanui Village Hall and bridge c 1920