26/342 Rifleman Daniel Galloway New Zealand Rifle Brigade NZ(R)B

(Daniel Galloway enlisted four times to serve in the NZEF and the information supplied in the various enlistments conflicts
and much that is claimed cannot be verified.}

Daniel was born in Pauatahanui[i] on 23rd December 1864[ii] the youngest son of Ann and David Galloway. The
Galloways’  were of Scottish descent and had a large family of 12, all born in the Pauatahanui area[iii]. Daniel (Dan) the youngest is listed as attending the Pauatahanui School in 1873[iv].

On 13th April 1887 Daniel married Mary Ann Theresa Reardon the couple had two children Walter (1888) and Ida (1894)[v]. A Daniel Galloway is noted as a gold miner in Hokitika in the 1890’s an occupation that he lists in enlistment papers[vi]. Daniel does return to the Wellington Region being the licensee of a Johnsonville Hotel and later the Ranger for Horokiwi Riding of the Hutt Country Council.

Daniel reported that in 1900 he had served with the 4th Contingent, NZ Mounted Rifles in the 2nd Anglo-Boer War.
There are no records on the NZMR rolls nor is Daniel reported in local newspapers, like the other men from Pauatahanui District, as being given either a farewell or welcome home function.

On 9th May 1910 the Evening Post reported ‘An elderly man Daniel Galloway pleaded not guilty of a breach of a
prohibition order . . . ‘[vii]

Daniel again was before the courts in September 1914 where he was described as a ‘hopeless drunk’[viii] and sent for a week of medical treatment. On 23rd August 1915 Daniel Galloway was one of six men, labouring at Trentham Military Camp, who were convicted of ‘conveying of liquor in Trentham Camp.’[ix]

Two months later, Daniel Galloway entered Trentham Military Camp with the 4th Reinforcements as 23/342 Rifleman Galloway. Military papers note is date of birth as 23rd December 1875[x] which would put him under 40 and within the criteria for enlistment. Also noted was that the married man had two children although their dates of birth are not listed and that he was a miner working for the Wellington City Council. Rifleman Galloway, following basic training, left New Zealand on 4th February 1916 for service overseas. Rifleman Galloway arrived in Egypt on 15th March 1916, two weeks later was admitted to hospital with rheumatism and arthritis. Rifleman Galloway went before a medical board prior to being invalided back to New Zealand. On 18th June 1918 Rifleman Galloway was discharged as being ‘No longer physically fit for service.’

On 11 April 1917 Daniel again was in camp, he had enlisted for Home Service and had been posted to the NZ Medical Corp as 3/3196 Private Galloway. Private Galloway’s enlistment papers do note that he had been discharged but for
‘Shell Shock – Concussion’ rather than the medical grounds. Private Galloway’s NZMC number was amended to his
original enlistment number 26/342. Again following a medical board assessment Daniel was declared unfit for service.

The third enlistment was on 9th October 1917 a third enlistment was completed. This was as #162 NZ Military Police. It is probable that the Military assessed his file and he was not considered to be fit enough to serve.

The fourth and final re-enlistment in June 1918 in his medical examination it noted that his stated age was 43 but his ‘medical age was several years more’ and that his physic was ‘ usual appearance of advancing years.’ The board examination noting he was not suitable for employment either overseas or at home. The enrolment papers completed in May 1918 indicated that Daniel had been wounded in action.

Daniel returned to Pauatahanui but in later years moved to Auckland where he died on 10th September 1943.

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