Boer War
      SA7306 Trooper Charles (Carl) Otto Hasse – 9th Contingent New Zealand Mounted Rifles​ 

      The Hasse family originated in the German / Prussian area of Sulitz Berlin Staft in the late 1870’s Louisa (Lizzie) and August              Edward Hasse with their two daughters, Augusta and Alvinia immigrated to New Zealand. The family settled in the
      Halcombe area, along with other German and Scandinavian families.

      Carl Otto Hasse was born on 12th July 1883 in the sixth child in the family of eight[i]. Carl’s name on official documents was            often Anglicised to 
Charles. Carl was raised in the Taonui area attending the Upper Taonui School with his younger

      On 24th December 1901 Carl applied to enlist in the 7th Contingent, New Zealand Mounted Rifles to serve in the Second

      Boer War.[iii] Carl passed all his medicals and had assembled with other members of the 7th Contingent but was
      discharged as his parents objected to him serving, at the time Carl was 18 years and 5 months old.

      Charles (Carl) Otto Hasse must have talked his parents around on 26th February 1902 he signed enlistment papers in                      Onehunga, Auckland for service in the 9th Contingent. Attached to his papers is a note signed by his mother, Mrs L Hasse  

      of agreement to his enlistment. SA7306 Trooper Hasse is recorded as a farmer at Taonui who had completed six months                training with the Fielding Mounted Rifles.  It is noted on file that Trooper Hasse served with the Artillery.
      SA7306 Trooper Hasse sailed with the North Island Battalion, 9th Contingent, NZ Mounted Rifles from Auckland on the

      20th March 1902. The 9th Contingent saw limited actions as peace was signed on the 31st May 1902. However Lieutenant              Robert McKeich, of the 9th, had the misfortune of being the last New Zealander killed in combat when he was shot in a                  confrontation with three Boers four days after the official surrender.[iv]

      SA7306 Trooper Hasse probably returned to New Zealand with the bulk of the

      9th Contingent who landed at Dunedin from the SS Orient on 6th August 1902.

          Trooper Charles Otto with his brother Trooper Harry Ralph Hasse c1902/03

      Carl returned to farm at Taonui, on 23rd February 1909 he married Lucy Harriet

      Howard. Carl’s older brother Herman (Harry)  Rudolf Hasse had married Lucy’s
      sister Emily Elizabeth Howard in 1904[v]. Carl and Lucy were living in Mangaweka,
      where Carl was a farm manager when their only child Gracie Lucy Harriett Hasse
      was born on 17th May 1910[vi].

      Carl continued to manager farms during World War One he is listed as a Farm

      Manager, Upper Kawatau, Mangaweka in the 1918 ballot[vii]. There is no evidence
      that he passed his medical or entered military camp.
       In the 1928 Electoral role Carl is listed as living in Paremata and working as an

       attendant at Porirua Hospital. Carl’s older brother Herman Rudolf (Harry Ralph)
       Hasse had moved into the Porirua area in 1916.

                                                                                        Carl and Lucy lived in Awatere Street, Porirua with Carl continuing with                                                                                                        employment as an attendant at Porirua Hospital even after the death of   Lucy                                                                                            Harriet Hasse December 1943.   Carl Otto Hasse died on 20th April 1975, both                                                                                            are buried in the old Porirua Cemetery.[viii]

                                                                                                     Carl Otto Hasse's headstone - Porirua Cemetery 

                                                                                                    Carl’s older brother Herman Rudolf Hasse served as SA 8826 Trooper Harry Ralph Hasse,
                                                                                                    C Company, North Island Battalion, 10th Contingent, New Zealand Mounted Rifles.[ix]

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Men from the 9th Contingent -  1902