Boer War

SA8826 Trooper Herman (Harry) Rudolph Hasse – 10th Contingent New Zealand Mounted Rifles

The Hasse family originated in the German / Prussian area of Sulitz Berlin Staft in the late 1870’s Louisa (Lizzie) and
August Edward Hasse with their two daughters, Augusta and Alvinia immigrated to New Zealand[i]. The family settled in
the Halcombe area, along with other German and Scandinavian families.

Herman Rudolf Hasse was born on 12th June 1879 in the Halcome area the fourth child in the family of eight[ii].
Herman’s name on official documents was often anglicised to Harry Ralph Hasse and he was often called Harry rather
than Herman.  Harry was raised in the Upper Taonui area where his younger siblings attended school.[iii]

Harry’s younger brother Carl enrolled in the 9th Contingent,
New Zealand Mounted Rifles for service in South Africa.
On 7th April 1902 Harry also enrolled for service in South Africa
joining as SA 8806 Trooper Harry Ralph Hasse, C Company,
North Island Battalion, 10th Contingent. Trooper Hasse is listed
from Taonui where he worked as a labourer[iv].

SA8826 Trooper Hasse departed on 14th April 1902 with the
10th Contingent arriving in South Africa in late May 1902, just prior
to the end of the war on 31st May 1902.[iii]  The 10th Contingent
returned to New Zealand on the Troopship Montrose in August 1902
with the Palmerston North members of the Contingent arriving back
in Palmerston North in September 1902.

                                    Troopers Harry and Charles Hasse c1902 / 03     

On 2nd November 1904 Harry married Emily Elizabeth Howard. 
Harry’s younger brother Carl later married Emily’s sister Lucy.  Harry
and Emily’s first child Arthur John Rudolf Hasse was born in 1907 with
Charles Albert (1907), Edward Herman Frederick (1909),
Hilda Emily Elizabeth (1910) and Una Florence Jane (1914)[v] It is
probable that the younger children were born in Paekakariki as
Harry is listed working for the Manawatu & Wellington Railway, based
in Paekakariki 1911[vi]. The  family moved from Paekakariki late 1915
after the death of their youngest son Edward in 1915. Arthur,
Charles and Hilda were enrolled at Porirua School in 1916  with
Una enrolled in 1919[vii].

It is probable with war service and an anglicised names Harry and his brother Carl (Charles) did not experience the
anti-German sentiments that their brother Otto, living in Levin, had to.Harry is recorded as working in the laundry of the Porirua Mental Hospital in 1919. 

In  1928 Harry is listed as a  motor mechanic an occupation he continued, in the 1946 electoral rolls Emily and Harry are recorded as living in Main Road, Porirua  with their daughter Hilda. The couple’s oldest son Arthur is recorded as living in Titahi Bay[viii].

Emily Elizabeth Hasse died on 13th November 1946 and Herman (Harry) Rudolph (Ralph) Hasse on 12th November 1954 both are buried in the Karori Cemetery, Wellington.

Surfaceman was a railway employee who checked the tracks repairing any damage to the tracks and around sleepers.  
Their daughter and son both served in WW2
815135 Private Hilda Emily Elizabeth (nee Hasse) Hewertson, WAAC, 2NZEF
503812 Private Arthur John Rudolf Hasse, NZMC 2NZEF

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10th Contingent members with Premier Seddon onboard troopship: Boer War - NZ History Online
Herman Rudolph and Carl Otto Hasse  c1902 / 03: Wildbore-Hasse tree - Ancestry.com

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Premier Richared Seddon with members of the 10th Contingent New Zealand Mounted Rilfes