83129 Private Thomas Edward Iggulden – 45th Reinforcements

Thomas Edward Iggulden was born in Pauatahanui on the 24th November 1879[i] the second son of Hannah Emily (Nee Jones) and Alfred Iggulden.

Alfred and Hannah married in 1873 and the young couple moved to a steep property in Horokiwi Valley to farm. During the late 1880’s Alfred owned a blacksmith’s business in Pauatahanui as well as continuing to farm.[ii]

The Iggulden family attended Pauatahanui School with Thos Iggulden enrolled in 1885.[iii] Olive Amelia Galloway was born in 1891 and was from the other side of Pauatahanui. Olive Amelia was enrolled at Judgeford School in 1897[iv].

The couple were married by Rev Isaacson at St Alban’s, Pauatahanui on the 26th August 1913.

Thomas Edward Iggulden was selected in the 1917 compulsory military ballot and attested in November 1917 but in December 1917 was granted leave until April 1918.[v]

83129 Private Thomas Edward Iggulden entered Military Camp on the 5th June 1918 with E Company, C1. Medical notes indicate that he was partially deaf in his right ear, suffered from rheumatism in his shoulders and was classified as fit C1, for service in New Zealand. In July 1918 Private Iggulden was again medically assessed and while the deafness was noted
it was not considered severe enough to prevent active service and he was transferred to the 44th Reinforcements.
During training Private Iggulden was transferred to the 45th Reinforcements in October 1918 but with the War coming
to an end was granted Leave without Pay from the 16th October until his demobilisation on the 16th December 1918.

Thomas returned to farming,  Olive and Thomas had two children Verna Amelia (1919) and Lloyd Alfred George Iggulden (1922) both children attend the Judgeford School[vi] where their father was on the school board in 1927 / 28.

Later in life Olive and Thomas moved out of Pauatahanui,
to Foxton, Horowhenua where they both died in 1968.

Olive and Thomas's grave Foxton 

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Pauatahanui c1920 - Alexander Turnbull
Olive Amelia and Thomas Edward Iggulden's grave - goggle photos

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