Harold Richard Nordell – Military Conscript

Harold Richard Nordell was born in Ekatuhana in 1897 the youngest child of Annie Annited (Edwards) and
Charles (Carl) Theodore Nordell.  Harold’s father, a farmer, was of Swedish descent and his mother of English descent. Harold had two older sisters Alma Dorothy and Edna Eunice Nordell[i].

The Nordell family moved to Pauatahanui in 1910 / 1911 with Edna and Harold being enrolled at the Pauatahanui School.[ii] Harold’s father farmed sheep on a farm near Ration Point, Pauatahanui.

Harold in 1917 turned 20 and became eligible for military service the Hutt Valley Independent on the 8th December 1918 carried:

          Arthur E Gross of Upper Hutt and H R Nordell of Pahautanui and WS Budge of
Paekakariki  having attained military age are called up for attestation and examination.

However on 31st December 1917 Harold’s father died and Harold took over the management of the family farm. An
appeal was presented to the military board for exemption of service reported in the 30th January 1918 issue of the Dominion:

The board granted a four months adjournment in the cases of Harold R Nordell
And Herbert William P Taylor (farmers Phautanui)

Harold was again called up for service on the 19th June 1918[iii] and again a exemption from service was lodged  and
heard in August 1918.[iv]

A mother’s appeal was lodged on behlf of Harold R Nordell, farmer, Pahautanui.
Mrs Nordell stated there were 100 sheep and a few cattle on the farm, and she
could not possible carry on if her son, was an only son went into camp. The board
adjourned the further hearing of the case till the  first meeting of the board in November.

With the Armistice being signed on 11th November 1918 there was no need for another appeal and Harold continued working the farm. The Nordells remained in Pauatahanui till the early 1920’s as Harold is listed in the
1924 Electoral Rolls as farming at Nireaha, Eketahuna, Masterton.

Harold Richard Nordell married Elsie Emma Minetta Hanson in 1937 and the couple continued to farm in Nireaha. Elsie died in 1958 and Harold in 1960 they are buried together in the Mangaoranga Cemetery, Eketahuna.

Harold’s older sister Alma Dorothy Nordell married James Frederick Death in 1915. The Death’s were a well-established Pauatahanui faming family.
Charles (Carl) Nordell is buried in the Pauatahanui Public Cemetery.

Electoral Rolls: Masterton and Otaki areas.
Archway Archives New Zealand Military Files

Nordell family at Pahautanui about 1911: Alexander Turnbull from the Death family.

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Nordell family at Pauatahanui c1911