99080 Sidney H Ruff – Military Defaulter

Possibly adopted[i], Sidney Horace Ruff was born in 1889 and was the son of George and Sarah Ruff, Essex, England.

On 5th May 1915 S Ruff is listed as travelling alone, a English man, aged 24, as a passenger on the NZ Shipping Company vessel ‘Remuera’[ii] on route to Wellington, New Zealand. Sidney’s occupation is listed as a butcher.  It is probable that Sidney H Ruff was employed at the Porirua Mental Hospital.

A year later on 19th May 1916 S Ruff, aged 25, is listed as signing on as crew on the Golden Gate sailing from Wellington
to San Francisco, USA[iii].  S Ruff was noted as an Englishman and was paid off when the ship reached San Francisco.

Under the Military Services Act 1916 all British subjects between 20
and 45 were required to register for military service. Some,
depending on their background, were placed in the 2nd Division,
Reserves. The 1917 published reserve list has S H Ruff, Attendant
Porirua Mental Hospital in the Class B Reserve. Class B indicates
that he was a married man with one

                                          Poster Military Services Act 1916 

On 25th April 1918 the Evening Post published a list of 10,000 men
from the 2nd Division who has been called up for service. S H Ruff,
Porirua, Hospital Attendant is among the men who was selected.  
In the published listed it does note that S H Ruff had previously
enlisted and for some reason had not been accepted[v].

On 22nd May 1919 the Evening Post published the Wellington
District list of Military Defaulters. These military defaulters for one
reason or another had not reported for military service after they
had been selected in the military ballot or became eligible for
service when they reached 20 years old.  There were three men
from the Porirua District listed; Sidney H Ruff, Harry Samuel Ward
and William Watson. Sidney H Ruff is listed as an attendant at the
Porirua Mental Hospital. Those listed would lose their New Zealand
Civil Rights for 10 years from the publication of the list.

It appears that the fact that Sidney Ruff had left New Zealand was
not registered hence the later listing in the Military Defaulters.

There are a number of different threads for Sidney H (Horace) Ruff threads
in Canada / USA  these have not been fully explored.

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