16/1228 - Private Frank William Tararo – NZ Pioneer Battalion

Psalm 23: verse 1:  `Ko Iehova toku tiaki, kare rava au e ngere’

`Te maringi nei te roimata e te mamae te ngakau i te maaraara anga iakoe to matou metua tupuna akaperepere.  
E kare roa toou mata e toou tu e kitea akaou ia i roto iteia nei Ao.  Noatu te roa ote tuatau i takake ei koe no roto ia matou, kare rai koe e ngaropoina, ka mou koe i roto ito matou ngakau i teia ra, e te au ra katoa ki mua’ 

[`Tears fall our hearts ache because you are no longer with us.  Even though you have gone from this world and we can no longer touch or see your face.  We will forever remember you with love and hold your memory deep in our hearts, today and for all the days ahead’] 

This article is dedicated to the memory of our beloved Pavou, 16/1228 Private Frank William Tararo, our grand uncle
Metua Amupoi and our great grand uncles T. (Taverio) Vavia William, Keu William, Mataputa Samuel, Mana Samuel (Manu William) the brother of Vavia and Keu William, Koria Samuel, Vairakau Samuel and Moeau Samuel the brothers of Mataputa and Mana Samuel, who joined in Rarotonga and  were enlisted under  the names they were given  or had adopted while living in Rarotonga).

Also to the Cook Islands Maori soldiers that returned to `Te Ipu Karea, Kuki Airani’ (their home land, the Cook Islands) and to the memory of all those that fell in battle & illness, never to return home or to be seen and held by their loved ones again.

Our grandfather’s story is one of the many untold stories that are important not only for our own family history but for all the families of the 500 Cook Islands Maori soldiers and their heroic contributions during the First World War.  For 100
years their feats have largely remained unknown, slowly fading into the shadows of history and time, now only fragments of their stories remain, kept alive mainly in the hearts and memories of their loved ones.   

Our wish is that his story and those of others will help inspire and instil pride in our Cook Islands Maori People.  For all they sacrificed, they too deserve to be recognised and honoured along with their comrades in New Zealand, Britain and other countries like France where some including our grand uncle T. (Taverio) Vavia William have been laid to rest, 
` I roto ite enua o te tai ke ‘ (in foreign lands, far from their homeland). 

Our Grandfathers story also serves to remind us of the sacrifices that he and others made to ensure that we and future generations may live in a country where we are free to make `our own choices and own decisions over our own lives’. 
Our final wish is that the sacrifices of our Tupuna and those of others are not forgotten, that they will forever be  remembered in the hearts and prayers of present and future generations, lest we forget!    

Dedication written by, Te-Tui-O-Te-Ra Tararo (Granddaughter &Tama angai  by Private Frank William and Rina Tararo)


2015 - 100 Crosses on the grounds of Parliament, Welllington, NZ         2015 One of the 100 crosses was for Private Frank William Tararo
for the inaugural official Commemoration in the Beehive  for the          from left to right his great-great grandson Logan Tangaroa 
500 Cook Island Maori Soldiers in WW1                                                       and three of his great grandchildren Ebony Tungane Matangaro                                                                                                                                          Hosking, Navaar Tetauru Hosking and Lhina Niotangi Tararo       

April 2016 Commeroration Service, Mungavin Community Hall, Porirua    

By the cross for Private Frank William Tararo, are his great-great-granddaughter Azaria Te Niva O Te Ra Callaghan
great granddaughter Ebony Tungane Matangaro Hoskings and granddaughters Te-Tui-O-Te-Ra-Tararo and Dorothy Hosking                                                                   

Rarotonaga Reinforcements - Narrow Neck Camp - 1916