80862 Sapper Colin Drake Truebridge – New Zealand Engineers

Colin Drake Truebridge was born in Wellington on the 13th March 1894 the only son of Alfred Henry and Anne
Truebridge. Colin had an older sister Mary Isabel Truebridge who was born in 1889.[i]

Colin was working in Plimmerton as a surveyor when he was selected in the fifth military ballot drawn on the 13th March 1917.[ii]  An appeal was lodged on the grounds that:

                ‘Colin Drake Truebridge, Surveyor, Plimmerton, in order that he may
                have the opportunity of sitting for an important examination.’

Colin Drake Truebridge was granted an adjournment to the 30th September 1917.[iii]

On the 22nd May 1918 80862 Private Colin Drake Truebridge entered camp with the 41st Reinforcements. 
In June 1918 Private Truebridge was transferred to the New Zealand Engineers becoming Sapper Truebridge. [iv]

On the 2nd September 1918 Sapper was transferred to the 44th Reinforcements and in the same month granted seven days leave potentaily to sit more surveyors exams. From the Dominion 11th October 1918;[v]

          The Surveyors’ Board of New Zealand has concluded its September half yearly
examination of candidates for a surveyor’s license. Eleven candidates sat,
several of whom, in view of their military requirements, were undertaking
partial examination only. Two candidates Messers J. B. Vivian of Auckland,
and  C. D. Truebridge, of Wellington, were successful in completing and
passing the whole examination.

Sapper Truebridge transferred from the 44th Reinforcements to the NZE Reinforcements on the 28th September 1918 remaining with the unit until the 19th November 1918 when he was discharged from the NZEF with the end of the war.

Colin Drake Truebridge returned to civilian life and his career as a
surveyor. During his time in Plimmerton or possible meeting
Robert Christopher Callender during military training lead to meeting  
Winifred Nora Callender. 

Colin and Winifred married on the 1st December 1920 the marriage
reported by the Freelance as the first wedding in the St Andrews
Church, Plimmerton.[vi]

Colin Drake Truebridge died in 1946.

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St Andrews, Anglican Church , Plimmerton: Postcard 

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