World War One 1914 - 1918
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include all known Porirua District Servicemen and Women who served in this conflict. 
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    SARJEANT Eric Keith - Porirua Cemetery 
    SCHOCH William George - Porirua Hospital
Boer War
    SCOTT John Cairns - Pukerua Bay 
    SHANNON George Vance - Plimmerton
    SHANNON William Hugh - Plimmerton
    SHEPHERD Alexander William - Porirua
    SIEVERS Arthur  - Porirua
    SIEVERS George - Porirua
    SIEVERS  James - Porirua
    SIEVERS Richard  - Porirua
    SIEVERS Louis William - Makara
    SIMMONS Albert Edward  - Porirua 
    SIMMONS  Henry Thomas - Porirua 
    SIMPSON John Cormack - Porirua Hospital
   SIMS Arthur Frederick - Pauatahanui
    SINGLETON Wilfred - Porirua Hospital
    SKINNER William - Porirua Hospital 
    SMITH Frank Hathaway - Pauatahanui
    SMITH John Ernest - Porirua
    SMITH Spencer Allan Knight - Plimmerton 
    SMITH Thomas Joseph - Porirua Cemetery 
    SMITH Victor Jubilee - Pauatahanui
    SMITH Wilfred Gerald - Pauatahanui
    SNELGROVE William Leonard - Porirua Cemetery
    SOLLY Gosby Gilbert  - Plimmerton
    SORBIE John - Porirua 
    STIRLING Frederick Patrick - Plimmerton
    STUNNELL - Porirua
    SWANEY John - Porirua Hospital
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