World War Two 1939 - 1945
This is still underdevelopment but will be 
include all known Porirua District Servicemen and Women who served in this conflict. 
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    HANCOCK  Arthur Andrew - Paremata
    HANSON William James - Porirua Cemetery
   HARPER  William Henry - Plimmerton 
Boer War
    HASSE Hilda Emily Elizabeth - Porirua 
    HAU Hongi - Porirua 
    HAU Jack  - Porirua 
    HAU Wi Te Kowhau - Porirua 
    HERLIHY John Edward - Porirua Cemetery
    HERLIHY Thomas - Porirua Cemetery 
    HOOK Thomas Gladstone - Porirua 
   HORNIG Colin Bruce - Paremata
    HUGHES Jean Constance Mary - Plimmerton   
   HUGHES William Phillipps - Plimmerton     
   HYDE Selwyn Lloyd - Tawa
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28 Maori Battalion train in battle conditions 1943